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2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR
Somerville High School
Job Goal: The Secondary School Headmaster, Principal, or Director is the educational leader of the school unit they
administer. This leadership must be exercised at all levels: the students, the teachers, the parents, and the citizens. As
chief administrative officer of a school unit, the Headmaster, Principal or Director is charged with the responsibility of
providing the best possible environment for teaching and learning. Therefore, they are totally responsible for the entire
operation of the building and its administrative, instructional, and non-instructional personnel. This responsibility
necessarily involves supervisory and administrative duties, which must be performed on both the formal and informal
level with an aim towards efficiency and good morale.
The Secondary School Headmaster, Principal, or Director is responsible to the Superintendent of Schools or his
designated agent for the organization, administration, supervision of instruction, and discipline of the school unit.
Responsibilities: Within the limits of the policies and rules of the School Committee, the Secondary School
Principal, with commensurate authority, is responsible for the fulfillment of the duties set forth below. The Principal may
delegate to members of their staff appropriate portions of the Principal’s responsibilities together with appropriate
authority for their fulfillment; however, the Principal may not delegate or relinquish the overall responsibility or any
portion of their accountability.

1. To execute the rules, regulations, and directives of the School Committee and the
Superintendent of Schools, which relate to school concerned;
2. To provide direction and assistance to all matters pertaining to administration of the
3. To organize the school in such a way that it will meet all accreditation standards;
3. To establish such rules as are necessary for the maintenance of proper discipline of pupils
in the buildings and on the grounds;
4. To meet with the Superintendent, administrative, and supervisory staffs for discussion,
revision, and preparation of program procedure and practices;
5. To direct the supervisory program of the teaching, clerical, custodial, and cafeteria staff
personnel and activities;
6. To assist the Superintendent of Schools in selection of staff and to recommend teachers
for reappointment and tenure;
7. To be responsible for evaluating the services of each individual on the school staff each
8. To work with the administration and the teaching staff in establishing a city-wide,
coordinated secondary school program;
10. To administer the budget appropriation allocated to the school;
11. To prepare all reports required by the Superintendent;
12. To direct all routine office management and administer the program of records and
13. To report to the Superintendent regarding the need of the school with respect to
personnel, equipment, supplies, and curriculum;
14. To requisition the necessary equipment and supplies for the orderly operation of the
15. To be responsible for all property of the school department assigned to his care and
16. To request the necessary maintenance to keep these facilities in good condition;
17. To promote safety in the school by having a systematic program of fire drills, Civil Defense
drills, pedestrian traffic control, periodic inspection of buildings and rounds;
18. To prepare master schedules of subjects and schedules for teachers and pupils;
19. To counsel with and direct the curriculum implementations and innovations of teachers
through the Vice Principals, Directors, and Department Heads;

20. To develop assembly programs of instructional merit;
21. To coordinate and supervise the lunch program;
22. To direct the guidance, pupil-personnel, vocational, and instructional programs of the
school and work to see that they meet the needs of all pupils;
23. To be available at all times to consult with parents and teachers concerning the welfare of
any student;
24. To admit, to place, to discharge, and to exclude pupils;
25. To keep on file a permanent record of all pupils who have attended the school and to make
their records available to authorized agencies;
26. To organize, to administer a program of extracurricular activities which develop special
interests and abilities of pupils, and to provide for direction and supervision (clubs, cheerleaders, yearbook, school
magazine, junior and senior proms, Student Council, etc.);
27. To maintain general supervision of the entire athletic program and to verify the eligibility of each participant;
28. To interpret the school program to the community;
29. To act in liaison capacity in his community between pupils, teachers, and parents;
30. To cooperate with parent organizations and related educational groups to further the
program of the school;
31. To develop a program of public relations in order that the community may understand and
support the educational program;
32. To lead and to encourage the professional improvement of members of the staff;
33. To act as the professional leader for members of the staff and direct faculty meetings,
in-service training programs, and an orientation program for new staff members assigned
to the school;
34. To maintain a cooperative and friendly relationship with administrative personnel;
35. To develop a program for self-improvement and growth through reading, attending
conferences and workshops in order to provide professional leadership of the highest type;
36. To submit a written report to the Superintendent.
37. Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.
 Appropriate Licensure
Position Reports to: Superintendent of Schools
Application Process:
To submit your application for consideration, please visit us online at:



NOTE: Applications are only accepted online through School Spring. Resumes that are emailed or
mailed will not be considered.
Should you need assistance with the online application process, please contact the Human
Resources Office via email at [email protected]
Application Deadline: Open until filled
Somerville Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Somerville Public Schools actively seeks applicants with
diverse backgrounds. Grade level and content licensure is required when applicable. Dual licensure including SPED, ESL,
ELL, or bilingual licensure and/or proficiency in a language or languages other than English is preferred.
Date posted: November 21, 2017

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: http://www.somerville.k12.ma.us/careers →