Director of Human Resources

Anticipated Vacancy Posted March 25, 2017

The Director of Human Resources is a member of the Superintendent’s cabinet and reports directly to the Superintendent of Schools. The Director provides leadership to central office administrators, building principals, school committee members, and district staff regarding the day-to-day and long range management and oversight of the Human Resources department, leads human resource initiatives for the administrative team, and provides assistance to district personnel concerning human resources-related issues. The Director implements policies issued by the Marblehead Public Schools, the Massachusetts Department of Education, and the federal government. Under the supervision of the Superintendent, the Director of Human Resources initiates and implements policies and procedures promoting the success of all students, supports accountability in district schools, ensures fiscally responsible practices, provides leadership in the development and implementation of human resources information technology initiatives, assists in the collection of district-wide data, fosters continuous improvement in administrative computing systems, and initiates progressive technology-based administrative and business practices. The Director provides leadership to the system in the following areas: benefits administration, performance evaluations, licensure issues, and labor relations, negotiations, and staff disciplinary concerns. The Director of Human Resources plans and implements district job training opportunities and professional development to assure a high degree of educational excellence within the Marblehead Public Schools.


Major areas of Responsibility for the Director of Human Resources:


  • Provide substantial, ongoing and sustained support to district administrators regarding personnel.
  • Responsible for the interpretation and implementation of collective bargaining process for all units, as well as individual employment contracts for non-represented staff.
  • Chair search committee(s), as necessary, for administrative searches
  • Responsible for personnel management for all employees including professional staff and non-union employees.
  • Manage all phases of the hiring process; responsible for approval of position, posting, recruitment, communication and completion of all HR requirements.
  • Manage Unemployment claims; Process all unemployment inquiry and claim applications with the State.
  • Initiate and maintain seasonal certification, reasonable assurance and separation information.
  • Oversee the interpretation/translation process for the district to ensure equal access.
  • Ensure compliance with State licensure requirements across the district
  • Work with the Mentor Coordinator and Assistant Superintendent to coordinate mentoring program for all professional staff including oversight of mentor training, selection of mentors and mentor meeting scheduled throughout the year.
  • Conduct CORI and SAFIS process for all new employees, district volunteers, and every three years for existing employees.
  • Oversee the supervision and evaluation program for all Marblehead Public School employees.
  • Participate in the development and coordination of the new staff orientation program for two days in August.
  • Act as district liaison, with district budget manager, to Kelly Services.
  • Member of the School Leadership Team and District Leadership Team.
  • Works collaboratively with IT staff in yearly EPIMS data collection for DESE.
  • Implement exit interviews for all professional staff exiting the system.
  • Participate in and coordinate information for grievances filed in the district
  • Manage all reductions in force and non-renewals and renewals.
  • Manage and process the FMLA entitlement for all employees.
  • Ensure Human Resource page of MPS website stays current and accurate.
  • Present to the School Committee as required.
  • Oversee tuition reimbursement program and lane placement for teachers and administrators.
  • Oversee the maintenance of all personnel files for employees in the district.
  • Ensure compliance, civil rights, ADA and other mandated federal and state requirements including any necessary training.


Qualifications, Education and Experience:

·       Master’s degree or higher preferred

  • 3-5 years experience as a public school administrator/principal or central office administrator
  • Department of Elementary and Secondary Education license as a Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent or Business Administrator preferred


Skills, Abilities & Knowledge:

  • Must be a highly motivated, self-starter who can work independently and without extensive supervision.
  • In-depth knowledge as to how schools run and the role of the building principal is essential.
  • Must have a high degree of passion for technology and the ability to identify technology that will make the work of the Human Resources office more efficient for department staff and the employees that we serve. Experience with social media is essential.
  • Ability to master current technologies and software including the Town’s financial and accounting system.
  • Must have a deep commitment to customer service and manage oneself in an environment that cares for each employee and genuinely interested in helping staff to perform at high levels.
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to the district goals and work effectively towards meeting those goals each and every day.
  • Must have well-established communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to share information and resources as appropriate.
  • Must demonstrate a high degree of skill in working with a wide variety of constituents including school district employees and administrators, Town of Marblehead officials and staff members, State agencies including the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System and the Criminal History Systems Board.
  • Ability to understand, interpret and apply the State and Federal laws and policy as related to Human Resources including the following:
    • Massachusetts General Laws, Chapters 71, 149, 15, 150E and 151
    • United States Department of Labor
    • Family Medical Leave Act
    • Federal and State Fair Labor Standards Act
    • Criminal Offense Record Investigation
    • American’s With Disabilities Act
    • Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
    • Massachusetts Employee Personnel Information Management System
    • Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act
    • Marblehead Public Schools Collective Bargaining Agreements
    • Massachusetts Unemployment
    • Social Security
  • Strong written communication skills and the ability to write at a high level with an excellent command of the English language.
  • Ability to analyze complex issues and develop proposals leading to solutions.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and a high degree and diplomacy in responding to and resolving issues and problems in a highly professional manner.
  • Ability to work effectively in a union and collective bargaining environment.
  • Flexibility to meet changing work needs and demands.
  • Must be highly organized, detail oriented and maintain confidentiality.


Salary and Benefits:

This is a year-round, 12-month position offering a competitive salary and benefits compensation package including:

  • Annual compensation based upon experience
  • Twenty five paid vacation days
  • Participation in Town medical, dental and life insurance
  • Eighteen paid sick days